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8 aspects of dysmenorrhea in dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is one of the symptoms that many female friends will appear during menstrual period. In general, it is characterized by distension and pain in the lower abdomen.

1. many of the female friends who can be dysmenorrhea are mostly because the uterus is cold, in peacetime, we should pay special attention to keeping warm. When sitting in air-conditioned room in the summer, wear a long sleeved jacket, protect the body cold.

2. with the stomach, like cold, often eating cold drinks, can also cause harm to the uterus, so do not eat ice cream, greedy ice drink. And cold food, such as bitter gourd, watermelon, such as purslane, for inflammatory symptoms who can relieve inflammation, detoxification, but the menstrual period of female friends, in this special period should try to eat less, to avoid blood sedimentation in vivo, causing pain to endure.

3. since the uterus is afraid of cold, then we can eat more warm food for this point. The most commonly used method is to drink brown sugar and ginger tea before and after menstruation. After drinking, it is not only full of body comfort, but also the uterus is warm, which is conducive to smooth flow of blood.

The loss of 4. menstrual blood will lead to anemia in some women, among which iron deficiency anemia is the most common. So eat some cramps before iron rich foods, such as animal liver, oysters, cherry. Iron is the main component of human hemoglobin, supplemented with a moderate amount of iron to help promote the formation of blood, to avoid the symptoms of anemia during the period.

5. usually pay attention to exercise, and there is no exception. Because of the fear of motion increases the symptoms of dysmenorrhea is wrong, it will not conducive to the blood from the rest. During the period of the period and during the period of time, a proper activity should be done. As long as you walk more, the strength is moderate and the blood flow is smooth.

6. if the pain is really severe, it can be properly used for antispasmodic and analgesic drugs. Do not force yourself to endure pain, in fact, it does not benefit the body, and it has a serious impact on the quality of life and work.

7. in addition to the physical conditioning, it is also necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the mind. Excessive mental stress and emotional anxiety are all factors that can easily induce or aggravate dysmenorrhea. We should correctly understand the causes of dysmenorrhea and learn to adjust their emotions.

8., if there have been other gynecologic diseases, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for gynecological examination, to exclude the onset of disease, and then carry out relevant targeted treatment.

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