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Does female dysmenorrhea lead to infertility? dysmenorrhea

Does female dysmenorrhea lead to infertility? With the accelerated pace of modern social life, there are still many girls suffering from dysmenorrhea. At the same time, these young women who often suffer from dysmenorrhea worry that their frequent dysmenorrhea can lead to infertility. Being pregnant is a dream that every woman has, so we might as well pay more attention to this problem.

Does female dysmenorrhea really lead to infertility

Does female dysmenorrhea lead to infertility? In fact, many related clinical data show that the relationship between female dysmenorrhea and infertility is very close. According to clinical observation, more than 1/2 of the infertile female patients have history of dysmenorrhea with different degrees of dysmenorrhea. A large number of medical clinical data show that those patients with dysmenorrhea are more than half of those with infertility, and it is found that these dysmenorrhea of these female patients can be conceived once they are eliminated.

Does female dysmenorrhea lead to infertility? The relationship between female infertility and dysmenorrhea it is indeed very close, but also that the ancients called “seed the first menstruation, the pregnant from” the view that there is a certain reason according to the.

Will female dysmenorrhea recover after marriage

Does female dysmenorrhea lead to infertility? The general female dysmenorrhea does most of it after marriage or after birth. It is one of the main causes of female dysmenorrhea because of the bleeding and exfoliation of the endometrium, which can not be effluvied smoothly through the neck of the uterus. But when women give birth, the womb becomes relaxed and the endometrium of the menstrual and exfoliate uterus is easy to expelled, so the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea will disappear. But to reason many women dysmenorrhea caused by excessive retroversioflexion, such as the uterus, uterine hypoplasia or deformity, vaginal malformations, hymen is small, pelvic mass, adnexitis and endometriosis. So not all female dysmenorrhea can be healed after getting married or having children.

To sum up, do you scolding us for women’s dysmenorrhea will lead to infertility? In any case, if the long term dysmenorrhea exists, we must go to the professional hospital in time to check and treat it, and we should not wait for it passively.

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