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How does dysmenorrhea relieve conditioning well? dysmenorrhea

How do female dysmenorrhea relieve conditioning well? About this dysmenorrhea, I don’t know how many female friends, dysmenorrhea will not only seriously affect the normal life of women, but also may bring a monkey’s psychological shadow and problems. Therefore, we might as well learn some ways to relieve and adjust the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and improve the menstrual period of the menstrual period.

How do female dysmenorrhea relieve conditioning well? Start with life

1., women with frequent dysmenorrhea usually have a happy mood and a positive attitude towards life in their daily lives, which is very important for women’s “good looks”.

2. female friends who have dysmenorrhea should stick to hot water to wash their feet every day to prevent “cold from the feet.”

3. women friends with dysmenorrhea should strengthen physical exercise, strengthen their physique, and enhance their ability to adapt to the cold. The so-called “move is born Yang”, you may as well walk more and more often, often fast walk can adjust the blood, improve blood circulation, so that the whole body warm.

4. of the women’s dysmenorrhea can not be too thin, especially in their menstrual period, more attention should be paid to keeping warm, so as to improve the circulation of the whole body and the uterus.

5. dysmenorrhea female friend in the diet appropriate to eat some hot food, such as beef, mutton, eat cold food, not eat cold.

How do female dysmenorrhea relieve conditioning well? Dietary conditioning

1. egg: take Angelica ginger egg, angelica fifteen grams, ginger Wuke, red dates to the nuclear fifteen grams, five grams of dried tangerine peel, rice wine twenty ml. The Chinese angelica, ginger, dried orange peel boil for half an hour, to the residue, the egg and rice wine red dates into medicine juice, boiled red dates to rotten, drink soup to eat eggs jujube. The main treatment of female egg Angelica ginger dysmenorrhea Qi and blood deficiency type: menstrual period or after menstruation, stomach ache rain, according to the pain reduction, the pale, thin, pale, mental fatigue, pale red tongue, thin white fur, thin weak pulse. Note: heat bleeding who served the angelica, full of dampness and loose stools, pregnancies Angelica; Yin deficiency, blood heat Wang Walker served ginger, ginger, Scutellaria, Coptis and evil in the vector.

2. Hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup: fifteen grams of Hawthorn meat, five grams of cinnamon branch, about thirty grams of red sugar to fifty grams. Hawthorn meat, cassia twig into the cooker, add water bowls, gently fry a bowl, add brown sugar, then boil. Hawthorn Guizhi Decoction has brown sugar temperature by Tongmai Huayu, analgesic effect. Hawthorn cinnamon brown sugar soup is suitable for women with cold pain and dysmenorrhea.

3. ginger and jujube brown sugar water: ginger, jujube, brown sugar, thirty grams. The dried ginger, jujube wash, slice ginger, jujube to go nuclear, add brown sugar fried. The patients with dysmenorrhea drink soup and eat jujube. The water temperature of ginger jujube red sugar is cold, and it is suitable for the cold sex dysmenorrhea and yellow chloasma of women.

4. metaphysic Leonurus boiled eggs: Twenty grams of Xuan Hu, fifty grams of Leonurus and two eggs. The above three kinds of water to boil, to be cooked egg shell, and then back into the pot boil for twenty minutes to drink soup, eat egg. Hu Xuan Boiled Egg, motherwort has through the pain, blood, skin color, beauty wyatt.

5. black egg soup: black beans sixty grams, egg two, Yellow Wine or one hundred milliliters of wine. Boil the black bean with the egg and water. Black beans and eggs with wine, gas pain. Black egg Caudle suitable for women’s blood weak type dysmenorrhea, and blood and moisturizing effect.

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