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How to treat dysmenorrhea with primary dysmenorrhea

Women often suffer from menstrual periods with dysmenorrhea. The so-called primary dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of lower abdominal spasticity and systemic discomfort before and after menstruation or menstruation. This primary dysmenorrhea can seriously affect daily life.

The symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea include often had spastic, concentrated in the lower abdomen, usually in one to two days of menstrual pain, menstrual most after exclusion of remission, sometimes accompanied by headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distension, lumbosacral pain. The causes of dysmenorrhea are unknown, and there is no pelvic mass lesion, that is, functional dysmenorrhea.

So, what do women have to do with primary dysmenorrhea? Is there a good treatment? Let’s get to know it.

General treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

Exercise to enhance physical fitness. On weekdays, pay attention to the law of life, the combination of work and rest, proper nutrition and adequate sleep. Pay attention to the publicity and education of menstrual physiology, and eliminate the patient’s fear, anxiety and mental burden by explaining and persuading. Strengthen menstrual hygiene, avoid strenuous exercise, excessive fatigue and prevent cold.

Treatment of primary dysmenorrhea by inhibition of ovulation

If the patient is willing to control the birth, oral repellent is the first choice for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea. More than ninety percent of the symptoms can be relieved by oral medication, probably due to the inhibition of the growth of endometrium, the decrease of menstrual volume, and the decrease of PG level to below normal level, resulting in a weakened uterine activity. Treatment can take three to four cycles, if the effect is satisfactory, can continue to take, if the symptoms are not obviously improved, PGs synthetic inhibitors can be properly added. Due to the use of medication throughout the menstrual cycle, the effect is only at the end of one to two days of the cycle, except for the need for simultaneous contraception, which is generally not popular with the patient.

Prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors for primary dysmenorrhea

Unwilling to contraception patients are advised to choose prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors, which inhibit the synthesis of PGs membrane, significantly reduced the amplitude and frequency of uterine contraction, but does not affect the pituitary gonadal function, nor metabolic side effects like avoiding oral medicine, as long as the pain before the onset of taking, continued to two on the three day.

The above is about the treatment of female primary dysmenorrhea. We hope that the majority of dysmenorrheal women suffering from dysmenorrhea can see and try to treat, which can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms effectively.

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