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Tell you how the dysmenorrhea alleviates the dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea) is a chemical problem. In the female endometrium, prostaglandin (prostaglandins) is produced every month, which helps the muscles to contract and promote tissue and blood discharge during menstruation. High prostaglandin concentrations will cause contraction of the uterus muscle to spasm. Not every woman can have menstrual pain. If you have this problem, the following methods may provide some moderating effects.

1. pay attention to insulation, if it is sitting or lying down, it is best to use hot water bag well, but can not always meet the one place, appropriate gently, if there is no hot water bag, it is better to use a hand to massage the lower abdomen, if you can walk slowly, the beginning may be very painful, walk slowly for a while better.

2. take vitamins: vitamin B, especially B6 has a significant effect on premenstrual syndrome, it can stabilize mood, to help sleep, and can reduce abdominal pain. Of course, the dysmenorrhea can not be relieved of girls, should also be in time for gynaecologic treatment.

3. maintain a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, and try to eat meals, eat cold and spicy excitant strong food.

4. strengthen physical exercise, especially the weak physique, in the use of diet to improve nutrition, can cooperate with some mild exercise, such as walking.

5. Chinese medicine therapeutic drug therapeutic methods alleviate dysmenorrhea, many such as Angelica lamb stew for Astragalus Qi and blood deficiency type of people, the best in the guidance of pharmacist.

6. a cup of hot milk with one spoonful of honey every night before going to bed can relieve or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea

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