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What causes the dysmenorrhea to cause the primary dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a common phenomenon, and many women appear in the menstrual period. When dysmenorrhea, the female will appear abdominal discomfort, sleepy fatigue, diarrhea symptoms, serious women will also appear nausea, vomiting, dizziness symptoms. Dysmenorrhea not only affects the daily life of women, but also affects individual emotions. What are the causes of primary dysmenorrhea?

1. Etiology of primary dysmenorrhea

1., endometrial tubular abscission: the endometrium is divided into 3 layers: basal layer, dense layer and sponge layer, forming the inner wall of the uterus. Endometrial tubular type will cause dysmenorrhea.

2. uterine dysplasia: congenital absence of uterus, naive uterus, the essence of the uterus, the beginning of the uterus are the manifestation of uterine dysplasia, can cause dysmenorrhea.

3. uterine flexion: abnormal flexion of the uterus will cause dysmenorrhea, and women should pay extra attention.

4. stenosis of cervical canal: congenital cervical stenosis is one of the causes of dysmenorrhea, which is caused by improper treatment of trauma.

5. bad posture: sedentary and bad posture can cause dysmenorrhea, women should pay attention to sitting posture during the menstrual period.

6. weak body: female anemia, malnutrition, emaciation, loss of appetite, the illness will be weak, and weak body easily cause menstrual disorder, dysmenorrhea.

7. mental factors: women in the spirit of work stress or frustration and depression, may induce dysmenorrhea.

Two. The clinical manifestation of primary dysmenorrhea

The first day of dysmenorrhea in female menstrual cramps, pain is spasmodic, heavy light. The light person can work normally, the heavy one can not work normally, should stay in bed rest at home. Female facial pain, pale, cold limbs, and the feeble, backache, fatigue. The use of painkillers can not relieve symptoms, so many of the symptoms are less than the use of pain Sutra. After a period of rest, the pain symptoms can be relieved by themselves. During the menstrual period, women should pay attention to rest, pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy strong irritant food, do not eat cold food.

What are the causes of primary dysmenorrhea, I believe we have learned. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a professional doctor, and the doctor will tell the answer on the basis of many years of clinical experience.

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