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What is the cause of dysmenorrhea when women come to “big aunt”? dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a term we can’t be more familiar, many female friends have experienced, is one of the most common gynecological symptoms, which is around or during menstruation lower abdominal pain, bulge, with lumbago or other discomfort, seriously affecting the quality of life of female friends. So what is the cause of dysmenorrhea? The following little editor will take you to know.

Dysmenorrhea is divided into two types: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea with no organic lesion in reproductive organs, which accounts for over 90% of dysmenorrhea. Secondary dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic organic diseases. Many women need long-term medication to improve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, but there are many reasons that cause dysmenorrhea. When you need to go to a regular hospital, you can listen to the guidance of a professional doctor and not blindly use drugs, sometimes aggravating the condition.

The occurrence of primary dysmenorrhea is mainly related to the increase of the content of prostaglandin in endometrium during menstruation. The main cause of dysmenorrhea is the increase of PGF2 alpha content. The high levels of PGF2 alpha can cause excessive contraction of the uterine smooth muscle, vasospasm, and cause uterine ischemia, hypoxia and dysmenorrhea.

Stenosis of cervical canal, dysplasia of uterus or poor uterine development are easy to impede menstrual flow and cause dysmenorrhea due to abnormal uterine blood supply, ischemia and hypoxia.

Mental, neurological and genetic factors also cause female friends to cause dysmenorrhea. Girls’ menarche, psychological stress, sedentary cause of deterioration of Qi and blood circulation, improper operation of menstrual blood and cold drinks and food will cause dysmenorrhea.

Gynecologic diseases of women, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, adenomyosis, hysteromyoma, etc. And the birth of a contraceptive device in the uterus also causes dysmenorrhea.

Some female friends also love to do some strenuous exercise, in order to look good and not to wear thick winter, do not wear warm in the menstrual period, that will be affected by the cold wet cold invasion, is easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea only experienced female friends will understand, suggest that you always pay more attention to the warm, not Tanliang summer to eat so frozen things, so easy cold house, will be more obvious symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

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